Food for Thought: How better are we?

Recently I have encountered mind dazzling experiences that some of the members have posted on their time lines or copied from other links and shared with other members. I have seen a horse sharing the stage and the performance with a ballerina. I myself have re-posted a video on my time line that has been shared on from featuring an elephant on a surf board. I have also seen many remotely unlikely to happen experiences and watched quite a few on youtube videos: dogs and cats playing together, tigers and gazelles walking side by side, chimps bounding with each other and other animals …etc By the way, The Kid, a short story that I posted under J.Hamilton pen name, was inspired by my experience with the mice in my house; very smart creatures we would have come to a different agreement hadn’t I read Albert Camus The Plague. My point is that these animals who can perform such amazing stunts are a proof that animals have a processing center in their brains that endows them with cognitive abilities similar to ours enabling them to thus to integrate instruction, process, archive, and retrieve it.
The Horse on the ballet stage, for example, may not be able to turn the DVD or a tape recorder on and choose which music to listen to but can readily dance to the music they like even in the absence of the ballerina or a trainer. In other words, a horse can appreciate music and therefore has a pleasure center like ours. The elephant who is riding the high waves on a surf board has been a haunting experience for me to watch. Let’s agree that not every human being can surf (not even the most fit and svelter ones.) It requires intelligence and highly functioning brain to be able to coordinate one’s movement and balance at such levelS. One has to remember that the elephant weighs at least six hundred pounds which is described as morbid obesity among humans and very function limiting. My assumptions may be premature because those animals are exceptions, they have been trained for years and it was not by the whip that they have learned; on the contrary, their attention has been gained by care attention, protection and good nutrition. They have been allowed an environment that promoted learning. There were no Pavlovian reward involved for I did not see any carrots dangled before the horses’ eyes or the elephant’s. It is also a highly possible that those animals were remotely controlled by technology that tuned their neural transmission to an experienced human in the field. It is highly probable if the latter assumption is the truth that we are in times when we can be ‘droned’ in a very slave-like situation.


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