Haiku poems by T.S.Ming




Tropic pluvial

days, swept long muddy nights

carving naked paths.


Imminently red,

it looms, announcing another

day has just re-sunk.

The Jokster

The jokester  has given

A toast in his funeral,
we all laughed to tears.

The dancer

Dancing her guts out,

The belly dancer threw us

a navel K.O.

issue # 1

A shot

Autumn leaves cover their
Cracked browning bodies on
farms; other dead leaves

A fox with silk hair
Smiled as he passed by,
Should I also smile?

My labile doll

She had brown hair, she
also wore it blond and dark;
to match the weather.

One plus one can add
up to any number ; it all
depends on teachers.



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