Alack, I hireth thee at will, at will shall I fire thee!!!

Indeed, it is a truth. Many Labor laws in the USA contradict each other or come very fenestrated leaving so much room for passing a truck load of interpretations.The at-will-work-contract, for example, is simply a handy gun for exploiters and neo-slave masters to fire employees who might have sweated their lives working for a company only to be fired/shot at will whenever the hiring employers feel like using: ” I hired you at will, I can fire you at will, and as I please regardless of whether you ‘committed a flagrant’ mistake that owes you the firing or simply because I had a bet at the bar with some friends to see how you would react, but my decision is still standing; don’t dare and pull that “I’ve sweated my life for this company,” for I am legally covered, I hired you at will which means I can fire you at will, as simple as that, it is a no-brainer.” The actual scenario may be different it still end up with the hired at will employee on the bench whenever the employer pleases. Worse, the same employee might end up not even able to collect the unemployment insurance after years of work.

See what is very distressing in this very every customary sketch is that other laws within the same legal system say that even a verbal contract can bind both the employer and employee and that after let’s say some months or a few years of full time work, the employer can only fire the employee if there has been some serious issues with the employee that impede performance and pose a risk to the workplace. The same laws also say that employment insurance is an insurance against unemployment towards which the employee has been contributing while making wages and is therefore guaranteed to collect should the employee lose wages.
Does it really happen in this way? No, not according to a very concrete personal experience. The employer that has to O.k the collection of the unemployment compensation and for the same flagrantly arrogant reason would, of course, say: ” no, let the bastard starve!”
The point is that unemployment insurance collection is a right and becomes dispensable especially after the The DUA office computes the compensation, time and extension. The DUA however initiates a process that includes convening with or contacting the employer, has the employee go through all kind of interrogations simply to eventuallydeny the unfortunate employee the weekly compensation on which they place high hope now that they have no other source of income.

By the end, one wonders if the laws are there to protect the right of a few while they turn their back on others or weather the country is ruled by double standard laws that serve those who have their back covered by buying the laws and those who redact them.


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