Entrance, a poem by Krikor Der Hohanesian


We slide forth dripping with

after-birth, plum-colored,

from the Goddess’s womb,

Caterwauling, purple with need,

we seek Her benediction,

Her calming minstrations-balm

for our naked first thrust

into a blue and eerie world,

instinct our promise to the comfort

of Her flesh, to the succor given

by her pale breast-milk, warm

as our innocence.


Entrance is the second poem written by Krikor Der Hohanesian that I am publishing on writerscornermagazine.com

He was guest on Chelsea Writers Cafe in July 2014. He is from Medford, Massachusetts. His poems appeared in many reviews  and magazines.  His book “Ghosts and Whispers” was a finalist for the Mass Book awards poetry category in 2011.


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