Massachusetts Panorama: Deer Island

According to Wikipedia, Deer Island has become a physical extension to Winthrop since 1938 when The New England Hurricane filled the Shirley Gut Channel that separated the island from the land. So, it is technically a peninsula that still goes by its old name when it was an actual island. That is how I found it when I visited it this October, 2017. I boarded a bus from Orient Heights T. Station and got off the last stop.  Shirley street narrows into a neck that connects the Island from both waterfronts to the main land. The area filled me with awe and enchantment; there was a strong gothic aura attached to it. As I stepped in behind the gate alone, I headed east along the walking trail that surround the small island. A line of benches with names of dead women inscribed on each. I sat on one of these and stared at the dense dark gray clouds that embraced the chill hovering on the cold salty waters.  I shuddered a little bit, stood to my feet and decided to tour the island. I stopped mid way as I felt myself overwhelmed  by a feeling of doom; places as beautiful as these are mostly walked in company and I was all alone. I asked a women who was  jogging with her young boys to take a picture of me. I decided to head the other direction.  The right trail to the island offers a wider variety scenery;  I could seeEast Boston,  The Boston Harbor and many scattered islands.