Shouldn’t we really consider it? ( issue#9)

Financial stability is an essential premise to all other kinds of stability,    so how to help those who seek such kind of stability attain self-sufficiency and financial independence. One way to do it is to secure a job at a decent rate no less than the minimum as dictated by the laws of labor that are  of course  not to contradict the federal ones. Unemployment is a painful back strain to all those afflicted. The stress that comes with unemployement affects the health at all levels from psychological to physical levels which end up being a back strain to the healthcare systems, welfare and other public support systems.
Some of the loops in labor laws that most employers abuse and the hiring processes  top the list of obstacles to finding a  job and securing  its  continuity.  One then can only hope to mobilize all the well-faithed activists to pressure those in position to take action to  change unfair laws  and reinforce laws that have the workers’, the people’s and the nation’s benefits at heart.
For example, the at-will- contract, the background check that includes credit check in addition to  the unemployment compensation processes , the discrepancy within the same state in the minimum wage  and  the criteria used to decide on whom should be assigned minimum  are all issues that should be thoroughly investigated and corrected as the consequences can be detrimental on social health, stability and continue to boost unemployment rates up. I find it  treacherous,  outrageous, discriminating and even unconstitutional  to have me, for instance, sign a consent to be subjected to a consumer background check  in order to be allowed  to submit a job application. Just for the sake of an obvious demonstration, I ran a few credit checks on me. To my surprise, every time I did so – despite the fact that I was promised my score would remain unchanged- my score actually decreased one point. I have labeled myself a chronic/long term unemployed, during  the time I have been  unemployed, I  submitted an average of two applications a week each of this applications had a mandatory section that required my consent for  credit check. No matter how good my credit score , and  how in good standing my consumer report could be initially I would let you calculate the result at the end of six years of unemployment ( which implies not being able to pay bills) and filling applications day in day out that mandate being subjected to a credit background check.  Now isn’t this against laws-all kind of laws? Aren’t such practices discriminatory?

Written by Jamila Ouriour



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