Panoramic tours: Deer Island

Deer Island, MA

October,  2017


Deer Island has become an actual penninsula  since 1938 when it was naturally annexed to Winthrop by the New England hurricane which filled the the Shirley Channel that separated the former Island from Winthrop, Massachusetts. Deer Island offers a great vantage point on the Boston Harbor Islands of which it has become part since 1996, Logan Airport, and the ocean. It is thus a cherished place for planespotting,  fishing, and picnicking. Joggers and cyclists also find the paved trails that circle the island very enjoyable and helpful. According to Wikipedia which I used to get historical information about the island, Deer Island was first leased to Sir. Thomas Temple between 1614 to 1674 who was the governor of Nova Scotia and the uncle of John Nelson the owner of Long Island. The place has become later and interment site for Christian praying Indians who were removed from Marlborough and Natick ( wikipedia.) Many of these natives died either of food scarcity or cold or both.  It became the site for refugees from the Irish potato famine  in 19th century. Hundreds of these died of sickness and malnutrition and  an Almhouse was built to accommodate some of their needs. The almhouse had been turned later into the Deer Island House of Correction which became known for experimentation on prisoners ( wiki.) A major landmark of Deer Island is its waste treatment plant with its egg-shaped sludge digesters. The plant takes 2/3 of the island’s surface and recycles waste of forty-three nearby towns.


All the pictures posted herein  were taken by J.Ouriour



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