Mrs. Wilson’s Chart: The FALL

Mrs. Wilson’s Chart is a series of poem that document in a very atypical way Mrs Wilson’s progress through the labyrinths of Alzheimer’s while  she is in a long term facility hospital. The events do in no way depict a real person/patient’s chart; however, the story was inspired by my clinical experience as a student. Alzheimer’s is really a very devastating disease and needs all the efforts in research to find ways to control its processes better and limit or stop if not reverse its noxious effects. The vegetable was the first poem in these series. It was posted in the seventh issue of
The Vegetable was the final stop of Mrs. Wilson’s where her agonies were ended. The FAll portrays an early stage of the disease when Mrs. Wilson’s long term memory is still intact, when she could talk and walk but occasionally slip out of herself and wanders.

yea, I am knitting
the falling pieces
the cracked brown years
Yea I am knitting
the sundry colors and words
My hot flashes
the dried ovaries
and uterine
that sheds no more
but leaves on my hospital door
an alarm on my ankle
gives me away
each time I try to reach out
to the little slice of pizza on my young
hospital roommate’s night stand
My heart does the same
it sheds sweat and tightens
it has become lazy with the year’s
my old man
thinks my vagina does the same
the once upon a time an entrance to warm humid streams
is now a trench in the desert
that only sheds pain?
I many time looked at his dangling
deflated shrunk tube
sneaked into his arm
hid his face in a pillow on my flat chest
and let him remember how he loved my bosom;
I have to water my plants
leaves are piling on the ground together with my bike
and the now rusted Chevy,
a carcass on the ground,
O; how she must envy me now!!
at least I can stand
and run around;
white fluffy flakes
fell on my bare hands and head
as Ms. Nightingale loomed running ahead:
didn’t you see the brown leaf and yellow band??!
She yelled throwing her head back

Written by Jamila OuriourWIN_20150818_11_14_06_Pro


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