Mrs. Wilson’s Chart: The chaotic lucidity

The Chaotic Lucidity


A chart is always face down;

yelled a nurse at her intern

patient’s confidentiality;

patient’s confidentiality

l’ille Robin’s Robotic voice

spelt the synchronized marble letters

pacing the hallway

paving its way through the loud fellows and doctors

recounting  the hilarious stories

of old Caterina who held handsome Pedro’s hand to her vagina,

the Lunes family’ disorderly reaction to their infant’s death

it might have been a simple SID;

a fresh life suddenly went still

blurted a remarkably pitched voice

I giggled at the incongruency of the thought and pitch;

Mrs. Wilson: yelled the same voice;

she is a wanderer;

I giggled louder;

confused; pitched the same voice

confidentiality; resonated L’ille Robin’s machinated voice

We also learned that Mr. Lew had an STD

While Renard in  Cardiac6 Rm 14 is to be discharged.

The Chilly air in the OR,

The O2 cloud,

my husband holding my hand

my first child’ scream;

con fi den tial ity;

con fi den tial ity; L’ille Robins voice clanked

then laughed the robotic voice;

Ha… Ha…Ha… Mrs. Wilson’s jerking


Nina the nurse; hang a brown leaf

on my door;

a bracelet on my ankle

just a few inches  from the engorged veins

along the dappled skin

the alarm goes off when I am dreaming


Yesterday, I sneaked out ;

I lit a cigarette and whistled

to Leena

Bobby  and Brown

were back on vacation

The police, Leena,  my parents

Nurse Nina, and a whole lot of crowd

showed up;

Only l’ille Robins’ voice was reassuring

She fell again: voices clattered

Dad promised the Officer to take care of it;

Mom snatched the cigarette from my mouth

yelled at Leena who leapt out of the fence;

A nurse asked me to grade my pain;

L’ille Robin’s mechanical voice came out:


10…9…8… 7…6… 5…4…

The  Nurse Assistant pushed L’Ille Robin’s out of the room

The metallic voice filled the corridors

I smiled and shrugged at the nightingale’s question



I chanted with L’ill Robins

Words sometimes turn blank;

simply blank and  mean nothing

sometimes they vanish

I dig and dig in a dark chamber

Only  to insonate chaos

sounds  that clank  against each other

I felt this soft woolish feeling engulfing me all


both l’ille Robin’s  mechanical voice and mine

got  slowly fogged in the labyrinthine corridors


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