Panoramic Tours: Boston and Chelsea last winter

It is already mid-December and soon the cold and snow season will be closing on us. Last winter I documented my winter journey using my camera and posted a series of enteries on that I labeled My Snow Diary as parts of a year round chronicling that tunes itself to nature, my mood and the daily living conditions. I am posting the pictures on  for the sake of comparison, documentation and the aesthetic value of the pictures themselves.

The pictures were taken by Jamila Ouriour

DSC00318DSC00131 DSC00132 DSC00197 DSC00254 DSC00255 DSC00256 DSC00257 DSC00258 DSC00259 DSC00260 DSC00261 DSC00262 DSC00195 DSC00196 DSC00197 DSC00268 DSC00269 DSC00270 DSC00271 DSC00272 DSC00273 DSC00274 DSC00275 DSC00278 DSC00279 DSC00308 DSC00335 DSC00323 DSC00324 DSC00325 DSC00326 DSC00328 DSC00329 DSC00330 DSC00331 DSC00332 DSC00334 DSC00341 - Copy DSC00344 - Copy DSC00346 - Copy DSC00351 - Copy DSC00352 - Copy DSC00354 - Copy DSC00360 - Copy DSC00372 - Copy DSC00373 - Copy DSC00379 - Copy DSC00393 - Copy DSC00396 - Copy DSC00397 - Copy DSC00400 - Copy DSC00401 - Copy DSC00408 - Copy DSC00426 - Copy DSC00502 - Copy DSC00503 - Copy DSC00516 - Copy DSC00519 - Copy DSC00547 - Copy DSC00550 - Copy DSC00552 - Copy DSC00553 DSC00556



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