Where is the Truth?! ( editorial by J.Ouriour; issue#4)

Where is the truth?!

There has been many times when I asked myself as I was I was watching the T.V. news, am I the only one who gets depressed and angry every time I watch this ‘bleep’ depressing news? It has turned to a daily update of shootings or robberies here and there. I honestly started to believe that the news reporters themselves are selling us ‘thrilling’ fabricated and fake news; segments tossed among the other tedious news that mostly revolve around about their families,celebrity friends and their cute kids. Many times I had to shout at the T.V. as if I were some maniac : “ Give me some real news , I want to know what is really going on in this America?”
Gone are the days when reporters and journalist brought the real news for which they sometimes risked their lives; nevertheless, their careers were well compensated the same way they were. Journalists nowadays are part of conspiracies instead of exposing them. As a concerned viewer I have had it with the fabricated news and televised tabloids. I have the feeling that I am a media-bullied- to -silence and exploited viewer. I am wrongfully informed and willfully left in ignorance and darkness. ِAs for those the Media had us believe they had brought down were exposed by the same Media that hailed for them and if they had fallen it was because ‘they had a beef’ with the media not because for their wronging the people. Well here is some news for you news reporters: investigate yourselves for failing to report to the public and ignoring the voices of real concerned citizens about their lives, their children’s future and their country. Issues such as Homeland Security, equal opportunity in education and jobs, squandering public money and resources are too blatantly outrageous to ignore. And yea, Wake up everybody , tribal America is a Truth. The tribalism about which I am talking is happening in businesses where different ethnic groups are assigned particular businesses and ethnocentrically close this business or that in the face of another ethnic group.


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