Roll The Dice ; a poem by Jamila Ouriour ( WCM #3)


Roll the dice

As many as you can

Count the digits

Reflect on the possibilities

The chances and probabilities

Roll the dice

On my heart

A piece of ice

A small iceberg inside

Funny isn t it?

How the die rolls and rolls

And each number in your head tolls

Do you feel tilted sideways

A tin or a can the wind sways

Roll the dice

Life is a game after all, isn t it?

What is the probability I am wrong?

What are the probabilities you are wrong?

Skate on the numbers

Stumble on the digits

And pick the lucky one

There you got it;

The jackpot you always wanted

Dont look yet?

Count the possibilities?

Eh what a big tease!

(I might consider that rock &roll carrier after all!! Lol!!)


By Jamila Ouriour


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