Thanks Richie, we love you!

Ouriour Jamila
Yesterday at 9:56am ·

I have recently shared on a post of Richard Gere undercover/disguised as a homeless person. His theory was to test people’s reaction and the audience who venerate him as a deeply seated star in the kingdom of stardom. As expected, the public who would line up to get in the movie theater to watch Rick’s charms at work, to get his autograph or a picture by his side, did not even give a cursory look at the homeless Richard Gere. The now disillusioned star Richard Gere in addition to finding out that he is a Hollywood fabricated image without which he’s burnout fallen ashes, also found out how fast is our life rhythm down here on planet earth and how conditions dishearten lots of people, and how circumstances can be very tough out on the street. Nevertheless, one has to consider that Mr. Gere’s findings are the result of any extensive science based research would barely classify as correlations since his whole experiment lasted a few hours that, of course, did not include sleeping on the ground under the cold frozen sky. One however is inclined to tip the hat for the effort and modesty.
By the end of his experiment, according to the same source that posted the image and comment on , Richard Gere felt so bad for the homeless and decided to go around and give one meal and $ 100 to each homeless person he encountered which is a very laudable charitable act. The post/ad. with Richard Gere’s shabby homeless-like appearance incited the readers to do the same and care about the homeless people. Yes indeed, we should care because if we claim we are so civilized that we do not want dogs to be homeless and we either adopt them or take them to shelters, why do we allow human resources to be squandered on the pavements of streets, addiction and mental diseases? how come we have such a high rate of homeless human beings?
A $ 100.00 and a meal for each homeless Richard Gere encountered that specific day served their instant purposes temporarily, it fed a few homeless people for at least that day; yet, it did not resolve their homelessness problem: they remain on the street. I am not asking Mr. Gere to give up his mansion, apartment or house for I simply would be asking him to become another homeless , a no fun experience for everybody and Mr.Gere found out hand on first hand experience at least for a few hours; I am however asking for more drastic and realistic measures from those who devise the public policies in this country: homelessness in a country as rich as the USA should glaringly strike with the truth that our policy-makers are no better that any third world incompetent or corrupt government. One should remember that the USA has been for centuries the incontestable aid provider for many countries around the world whose people have been writhing in poverty, sickness and hunger or have been hit by the disasters of war or nature. Needless to remember that most these countries have enough local resources and richness that could have had them better off without any body’s help with a better management of people’s affairs. The USA has also been fighting war after war even after the collapse of USSR in the name of protecting democracies and social justice overseas or alongside allies. I really hate to announce the fact that it is only a matter of a few decades before USA might find itself at an almost equal level of distressed economy and society given the current scenario.
I surely enough have nothing against global compassion and aid but that is when we have overcome some of the homeland festered issues such as homelessness and unemployment. Public housing, shelters,half-way housing (not sure about the concept,) nursing homes ( for the ones who cannot care for themselves) have been built to protect people with low incomes from homelessness, to promote self-sufficiency and social health. Well, let’s build even more. If the state or the federal treasury cannot cover it, then people like Mr. Gere, Bill Gates ( not the ice buckets, it is no fun either: the homeless lungs have enough pneumonia to infect the globe) and other Billionaires can pitch in. One very concerning and distressing aspect is that all money that has been raised in the name of noble causes has been routed to other pockets rather than the proclaimed causes. Only a small fraction is versed towards where it should go. The big shot charities usually hold big shot conferences in big shot hotels that cost tons of money. They also buy big shot ships and planes to travel around the continent and the globe to raise money of which a very tiny and negligible portion is conserved for the charitable act. A fact that has to be closely and strictly monitored.
By the way from now on, I will start perusing the faces of every homeless man, I do not want to miss a Richard Gere. I am such a fan. Love you Rich

By La Jolie Fayette


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