A vegetable , a poem by Jamila Ouriour ( WCM, issue# 7)

She sat on a chair cocooned in layers
Contemplating the tomorrow players:
Newborns vigorously stabbing the new
air with a scream that shatters the view;
Floating pictures voices and memories
A recognizable touch and stories
That Plough, stir, tangle, wind, and unwind
The same recognizable voice unkind-
Ly, tediously, citing: “Mrs, Wilson’s
Ninety eight, a vegetable responds
favorably to music voice and touch”
the vegetable shudders under the splash-
ing shower, the rough hands and the thunder-
in clamor of resonating laughter
the icy waters carving their way through
her veins and insufflating her guts brew-
ing storming turbulently torrid pains
her body orchestrates rhythmical strains
stretching prickling ferocious agonies
stirring fermented odors of feces
squirting hits that strip the oozy scaly
patched skin and weeping blisters; daily
oscillates: assez vif*. Tres rhythme strides
vif et agite tres lent* cascade in tides
that are routinely cut by l’ile Robins’
digitized voice as he aimlessly spins
“ha…ha…ha… Mrs Wilson is jerking
Ha…ha…ha…Mrs Wilson is jerKing”
Usually her upper lip quivers
Arches in a twisted smile and shivers
Then the C.N.A. or nurses point erect
Laughter and waters to the disconnect-
ed bleeding catheter and mottled skin
But Mrs. Wilson just went still, akin
to the iced stretcher: “she’s no longer here”
while l’ile Robins span and span in his chair
“aha…aha…Mrs.Wilson is dead
Aha…aha…aha…she’s no more bad”

Written by Jamila Ouriour
Chelsea, MA, 02150, USA

* Those words are French words they refer to the movements in Fmajor String Quartet (Ravel) used in Bethoven symphony # 9, I skipped the allegro moderato . tres doux and had the other movements of the quartet overlap.
The movement in the quartet are as follows:
1. Allegro moderato. Tres doux ( moderatly happy. very soft/nice)
2. Assez vif. Très rythmé( swift enough. very rhythmical)
3. Très lent ( very slow)
4.Vif et agité ( swift and agitated)


wikipedia, 2014.String Quartet (Ravel.)Retrieved in Sept.2014 from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/String_Quartet_(Ravel)


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