A Church Poem ( Irene Koronas; WCM, issue# 7)

Church poem

we stood near
the closed coffin

opening her purse
mother slips father metaxas

a folded bill.
gratuitous money

swinging the incense burner
over father’s remains

reciting, may his memory
be eternal

we chant three times
may his memory be eternal

we drive back to the church

for a fish lunch
for the conversation

I was too young to realize
what eternal meant

I ate the fish anyway

Irene Koronas is a poetry editor at a number of small community press such as The Wilderness House Literary Review, Ibbetson Street Press, and Cervena Barva Press. She is the author of two full length poetry books and is currently working on a number of poetry chapbook projects. Her latest publication, Turtle Grass, has appeared in 2014.

self portrait


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