Woops, a loophole!

“Those who make the laws transgress them,” is a very old saying; it is and has always been tested true. Personally I have experienced the validity of this statement on numerous occasions and can vouch for it as a true statement. Research would not fail to trace the credibility of this statement as far as Hummurabi’s time and even the divine laws prescribed in religious books for earthlings do not fail this law. Modern legislators might easily dismiss it as redundant folks’ wisdom. A careful examination of our laws would prove the opposite. Each regulation and law seem to have an antidote regulation and law. Sometimes the ‘antidote’ is embedded within the same law itself and one might interpret it one way or another depending on the linguistic formula used to convey it.
In other words there is always a way to get you out the same way there is always a way to get you sucked in. One might wonder, so what is new in this ? Isn’t that what lawyers and District Attorneys are for: Each marking the appropriate pitfall to get you in or out; to exonerate or condemn you? Isn’t that what they call loopholes? It is undeniably true that is owing to the abundance of loopholes in our justice system , scholastic legal knowledge and expertise rather lose to wits and deliberate misreading of the laws in tacit connivance with the jurors and judges.
Internal regulations developed by lawyers for institutions and corporations are an even more blatant example of intentional ‘ loopholed’ laws. The ones who draft such regulations have one goal in mind: How to get those who hired them out of legal problems against all the odds. I would have loved to cite some cases but would rather not lest some of them might get to me through a loophole.


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