The Review ; A poem by Jamila Ouriour (WCM issue #2)

Split into tiny multiple pieces
A piece of mosaic on Hambra wall;
I gather myself around myself
collect aLL the pieces of the puzzle,
seal the junctions and attempt
to find the aesthetic, the comic and the thrilling in the chaos;
I admit I feel the hitchcokean touch
and the spin and turbulence of the Kafkaesque dilemma;
Nietche is almost too visible to miss
the stench of T.S Wasteland together with Dante’s inferno
contour all the borders;
Don Quixote’s chivalry might have kept its ridiculous zeal;
yet I have to admit the army is this time no windmill
in this puzzle Ibnu Zaidoun’s Flower has kept nothing
of the Andalusian times and architecture
but the falling off mosaic tiles, the dried fountains,
a disgraceful flavor of defeat on the lips of the last Sultan Moor,
and a magic aura of a love flame
that might have ignited the torches on the beautiful gardens once


2 thoughts on “The Review ; A poem by Jamila Ouriour (WCM issue #2)

  1. mon remède ce sont tes mots , ils me laissent rire ,pleurer ,crier ,danser une valse qui j avais tellement envie de la prendre mais grâce a tes doux mots ,a ta belle façon de voir les choses ,a tes expressions ,je l ai appris mais a ma façon aussi ,bravo bravo

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