Poems by J.O

Wild Things

Wild things
Beautiful wings,
Colorful wings,
Soaked wings;
Exotic scents,
Exotic dreams,
Wild dreams,
Tapping feet,
Soft feet,
Angry feet,
Swift feet;
Distant calls,
Enchanting calls;
Intimate whispers,
Sweet whispers,
Prickling whispers,
Threatening whispers,
Soft feet,
Tapping feet,
Angry feet,
Threatening feet,
Swift feet;
Ominous owls,
Hooting owls,
Singing birds,
Tweeting birds,
Mocking birds,
Ominous shadows,
Crawling shapes,
Slithering shapes;
Soft grass,
Moist grass,
Cold grass,
Dews and dews;
Fading clouds,
Parting clouds,
A walk alone,
in a dark forest.

Jamila Ouriour


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