Food for Thought by Mikey Doug

Recently, I have watched a very consternating documentary on body farms cultivated for scientific and forensic study purposes. The video runs for approximately forty-five minutes and is extremely graphic and distressing as announced by the commentator who warns viewers that the “scene isn’t for the screamish.” The body farm in is a propriety of the University of Tennessee Medical center and stands on a two-acre-land (national geographic, 2014)

Undoubtedly, the sight of worms, insects and flight coming out of every cavity of the darkening, swollen bodies and the final popping of the taut now all dark skin, was not delight to the senses but what was more stressful how both medical center, the families and the state miss the fact that such a “ Farm” in the open air was a real hazard to the whole population.

The bodies were tossed individually or stacked in piles in the open air. Moreover, most researchers did not have the least protective equipment that can insure their safety and the safety of others.

Theorists and scientists advance that the body farm is a valuable means for defining cause and time of death and the whereabouts. They claim that results of such studies might result in a great leap ahead for forensic sciences. Unfortunately, both common sense, science and research can only testify against the creators of the body farms projects.

Such research should run in modern laboratories equipped in a way that allows for research on dead bodies in closed areas where workers wear all the necessary protective gear that protect them and prevent the spread of diseases and germs. Examinations, autopsies and various histology studies accurately reveal the causes, the time of death and the duration of death. How different types of temperatures and the fact whether having or not having clothes affect the process of decay is also unfounded because those conditions can be better controlled in a lab according to different scenarios the researchers have in mind for comparative purposes.



Mikey D


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